Truly Inspiring quotes on “Resurrection”


1. With every announcement of His coming death, Jesus included the promise of His resurrection, though the disciples failed to grasp this hope. - Dr. Thomas Constable

2. When Jesus suffered on the cross, He experienced separation from the Father, which is spiritual death. Having died physically, His body went into the grave for parts of three days. His spirit went to "paradise," namely, into the Father's presence—where the spirits of the righteous dead abide until their reunion with their bodies at their resurrection. When Jesus arose, the Father reunited His spirit with His then immortal body - Dr. Thomas Constable

3. Whereas the chief priests used bribe money to commission the soldiers to spread lies, the resurrected Jesus used the promise of His power and presence to commission His disciples to spread the gospel - Dr. Thomas Constable

4. Resurrection was not part of the saving work of Christ, but was the consequence of it. Having paid the debt of man's sin, death had no claim on Him because He had not sinned Himself - Dr. Thomas Constable

5. The unbeliever is not sick; he is dead! He does not need resuscitation; he needs resurrection - Warren Wiersbe

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