"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." - John 10:27

Anyone who desires to get into God's good book and live off His abundant grace and blessings must strike up a RELATIONSHIP with Him. When you get a hang of what God has sacrificed for the salvation of your soul, you would, of course, hold everything to become a member of God's royal family, and also to be enlisted as both a first class citizen of heaven and the apple of God's eyes. This relationship endows you with God's nature to subject your sinful nature to His will. When this happens, you would be keeping in tune with God.

Christians who make inroads in their relationship with God throw themselves into continuous FELLOWSHIP with Him. They get off every entanglement towards gratifying the lustful desires of the flesh and choose to abide with God. They sit at God's feet, wait on Him in prayers and open up their spirit to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Early Church grew and multiplied in God's grace because they placed a premium on intimacy with God. It was the kind of disposition that kept them in tune with God. This account for why they were filled with the Holy Spirit time after time. If you don't want to be a lightweight Christians who cowers with the fear of oppression of the devil, get in tune with God in the spirit of intimacy. It would certainly help you to flex your spiritual muscle to keep the devil at bay.

On top of building an enduring fellowship with God, is exhibiting the commitment to a lifetime PARTNERSHIP with God. It is the kind of attitude that sets you apart for kingdom service. The Early Disciples threw themselves into God's work and were enabled to spread the Goodnews of salvation, with miracles, signs and wonders evidencing God's support of their mission. It bears mentioning that when you partner with God to accomplish His mandate on earth, it keeps you in tune and in touch with Him. When this happens, the devil's mission to upset God's plan for your life gets frustrated. Most importantly, God will be delighted in you and would be pleased to advertise His glory in your life through amazing testimonies and uncommon victories. If you are out of tune with God, take a leap of faith by entering into a relationship with Him today. May you never fall out of touch with God in Jesus name.

Abayomi Aina
Abayomi (ACA, CFE, PGDip Theology) is an inspired prolific writer, instructor and gospel artiste. He is divinely endowed to inspire the world towards purposeful living, leadership spirit, goal pursuit, academic excellence and leading a Christian life.


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