And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth[a]will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. - Matthew 16:19

One of the ways through which God opens up His treasures on the righteous is the use of divine keys. A great door without the requisite key is a recipe for frustration. However, with the right key to the right door, a man can access the treasures of God and live off His goodness. Some Christians bang their heads against a brick wall in an attempt to access God’s treasury, because they fail to deploy the keys of holiness, praises and faithfulness to God. It is important to note that one of the blessings that is associated with using the right key to God's treasury is authorised and unrestricted access to God’s treasury. Having the right key endorses with the divine privilege to draw strength, favour and grace when others are saying there is a casting down.

Being assured of God’s ownership of the keys to all things, you can bid good riddance to distress. It is commonplace for those who are head over heels in love with the world to become overwhelmed by distress and oppression. They give the devil an unbridled access to screw up their lives through deceit, false security and hope. Conversely, the one who walks with Jesus, who owns the key of David, receives strength to hope and trust in God when distress is playing havoc with others. If you would hang up on your pursuit of ungodliness and worldly affections, the distress that overtakes the sons of men won't catch up with you. This is bound to happen because with Jesus on your side, you are counted an inheritor of the joy of salvation with the assurance of a living hope for tomorrow.

It also bears mentioning that many in life are stagnated, living in a circle because they are not in possession of the key through which they could advance in life. Being the acclaimed owner of the key of David, Jesus can help you to progress in life beyond your expectations. The rollercoaster situation that dictates the affairs of others wouldn’t be able to keep you off course if you are God’s chosen. Those who are acclaimed as God’s people do not fall prey to the deception of the devil, which has led many people deep down into shame and slavery. If you would exploit the divine keys of prayers, fellowship, praises and righteousness, the blessings of God will certainly pursue and overtake you. Hence, put off the old man of sin and seek to live off the mileage from deploying divine keys to the highest good. May the divine keys of the kingdom of God open up to you treasures beyond what you can measure in Jesus name. 


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