Daniel 6:23
"Then the king was exceedingly glad, and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no kind of harm was found on him, because he had trusted in his God."

It is customary for man to throw his confidence overboard when all hope is lost: in the darkest hour. However, it is commonplace for God to spring up pleasant surprises and displace hopeless in man. Divine surprises are the consequences of just in time intervention of God in the life of a man. If you are becoming downbeat by unanswered prayers or delayed fulfilment of your expectations, all you need is God's just in time intervention. When Moses and the Israelites approached the Red Sea, it became obvious that they needed God's intervention. So when Moses cried out to God, God showed up with a pleasant surprise, such that it sent shivers down the spines of Moses and the Israelites. Contrary to nature and without precedent, the Red Sea parted to make way for God's people. By that time, the host of Pharaoh was striving hard to close in on the Israelites in a bid to short live their escape and liberty from servitude. However, because it was the moment of change, the eleventh hour, God sprang up a surprise and upset the devices of Pharaoh and his host (Exodus 14:13). I have an assurance that before the end of this year, God will show up for you and cause His countenance to shine on you and overwhelm you with pleasant surprises in Jesus name.

It is in line with God's style to stop the mouth of lions usually at the eleventh hour. When it seems as if the enemy will have you for breakfast and derive nourishment with your flesh and blood, God often steps in to disrupt such missions. I pray that before your enemies could say mission accomplished over your life, God will show up, not only to stop their devouring mission but also to prove to them that He is the consuming fire. Caught up in web of conspiracy, Daniel found himself in the lions den (Daniel chapter 6). Fiery lions poised to pounce on their prey lost their appetite for nourishment when Daniel was lowered into the den. Through supernatural faith, Daniel was able to keep good company with all the lions with none causing him any harm. This happened because God shut the mouth of the devourers even at the eleventh hour, when the adversaries of Daniel thought he was done for. Because the Lord God had the final say over your life, every web of misery, confusion and complexity that might be hurting your liberty, bliss and joy shall be destroyed in Jesus name. Being a devoted lover of God, Daniel was delivered and lifted out of the den while his enemies fell prey to the mouth of the lions.

Those who choose to wait patiently on God without throwing in the towel are never disappointed. If you are bent on waiting till your change come, just like Job, the devil won't be able to make you lose the steam to push ahead and trust God all the way (Job 14:14). At the eleventh hour, when Job would have toned down his assurance in God, he kept on drawing confidence in God to come to his aid. It happened at the eleventh hour that, whilst darkness was tearing Job apart, God arose to send help to him and restore him double fold. Most of the time, we need the patience of Job, to persist and harvest our miracles when the eleventh hour ticks slowly. Are you about to call it quits, thinking God has failed you? Keep hope alive. Understand that God never sleeps nor slumbers. Abraham hoped against hope and became a global reference point of God's demonstration of His power to make great. You can be great and greater again and again. May you never be off course when God comes visiting at the eleventh hour to elevate your status in Jesus name.


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