So repent that your sins may be erased, that the times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord – Acts 3:19

Whenever God wants to end a man’s season of dryness, He makes abundance of waters to flow in his wilderness. The wilderness is a place of wandering that brings weariness to the soul but God can make it a spot of wonders by making it a reservoir of refreshing waters. It takes the miraculous for there to be rivers and spring of waters in the wilderness. I pray every wilderness experience in life shall be turned around for the display of God’s wonders in Jesus name.

Nothing good seems to come out of a wilderness experience. Every wilderness experience bears the earmarks of suffering, frustration and sorrow. Because the season of sorrow, stagnation and suffering in life doesn’t reflect the glory of God, there shall be a turnaround for you in Jesus name.

You cannot experience the season of refreshing if you don’t refrain from living a life of sin. While addressing a large audience at Jerusalem, Apostle emphasized salvation as a prerequisite for experiencing divine refreshing. If you don’t cherish the refreshing of your soul by the Fountain of Life then the devil will keep flushing out and diluting the revelation of God’s glory upon your life. Therefore, I pray God bring an end to every season of dryness in your life and open up His overflowing streams upon your life in Jesus name.
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Abayomi Aina
Abayomi (ACA, CFE, PGDip Theology) is an inspired prolific writer, instructor and gospel artiste. He is divinely endowed to inspire the world towards purposeful living, leadership spirit, goal pursuit, academic excellence and leading a Christian life.


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