"While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.” - Gen 8:22

The Lord God does not approve of fruitless labour. That is why He rewards those who are diligent in His business, those who wait on Him and those who sow in tears. Put in a different way, the Lord God does not turn a blind eye to your season of sowing and tarrying in His presence. If you are willing to stay put in His presence and exhibit diligence in your work and in His business, He will certainly usher in your season of joy. He will certainly situate you in the middle of favour and blessings that exceed human understanding. When the Israelites were asked to tarry in Babylon until the completion of 70 years of captivity (Jeremiah 29), it was as if God wanted to abandone them in slavery. But when their time of harvest came, they had reasons to laugh (Psalm 126). This reveals that the season of harvest is the time of LAUGHTER. I pray that for the remaining days of this year, you shall have reasons to laugh in Jesus name.

The season of harvest is often the season of LOADS OF BLESSINGS. Whenever God wants a man to reap in abundance, He sets the stage for uncommon harvest of miracles. Whilst your enemies might be waiting for your day of shame and dishonour, God is working round the clock to block and upset their plans and ultimately to launch you into the realm of overflowing blessings. When the Psalmist says, "Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies" (Psalms 23:5), he meant God ushered in his season of harvest with loads of blessings to amaze his enemies. In this month, God will load you with blessings to dissolve every doubt about His generosity and faithfulness in your life in Jesus name.

The most significant season of harvest will happen when Jesus comes to take the righteous off the face of the earth. It will be such a time that chaos will cover the face of the earth. The ungodly will run from pillar to post in search of safety and security whilst it would be a time of LIFTING UP of the righteous to be with God forever ( 1Thessalonians 4:16-17). So, what side of the divide are you? If you are not on the Lord's side, it simply means you are not ready for Jesus' arrival. Jesus is coming for a glorious church, a people after His heart. Examine yourself today, whether you are within the circumference of His love. Those who dwell out of God's love open themselves to His wrath. However, to make the ultimate harvest at the end of the age, yield to Jesus' call today. Needless to say that anyone that is not harvested by Jesus off the earth will share habitation with the devil in eternal torment. May this not be your portion in Jesus name.


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