Inspiring Quotes on “Salvation”


1. Jesus (He) came to tell men, not of the justice which would pursue them for ever until it caught up with them, but of the love which would never let them go." - Dr. Thomas Constable

2. The only real evidence of conversion is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer - Dr. Thomas Constable

3. "To know God personally is salvation (John 17:3). To know Him increasingly is sanctification (Phil 3:10). To know Him perfectly is glorification (1 Cor. 13:9-12) - Warren Wiersbe

4. The hopeless unbeliever is part of the world system, controlled by Satan, indulging the flesh, and destined to experience God's wrath. When an unbeliever trusts in Jesus Christ: the world, the devil, and the flesh become his or her three-fold enemy. - Dr Thomas Constable

5. Faith is not an act or work that earns merit with God, which He rewards with salvation. When a person puts out his hand to take a gift that someone else offers, he or she is doing nothing to merit that gift. The giver gets credit for the gift, not the receiver. Likewise faith is not a meritorious work. - Dr. Thomas Constable

6. The reason why there is so much strife in this world, between individuals, families, social or political groups, whether small or large, is that the contending parties, through the fault of either or both, have not found each other at Calvary. - Fredikson

7. The qualification to receive an inheritance took place at conversion, though actual possession of most of it is future - Dr. Thomas Constable

8. Christ divested Himself at the cross of the evil powers which had struggled with Him so strongly throughout His ministry in attempts to force Him to abandon the pathway of the cross - Dr. Thomas Constable

9. Jesus (He) left the heights of heaven for the lowliness of earth. He who was sovereign became a servant - Dr. Thomas Constable

10. whenever you see a Christian living the Christian life, you are witnessing a resurrection miracle - Dr. Thomas Constable

11. The criminal is the last person who turns to Jesus for help during Jesus' ministry; he is also the one person who understands and accepts the path which Jesus must follow to fulfill God's purpose: through death to enthronement at God's right hand." - Dr. Thomas Constable

12. What guarantees eternal life is following Christ (in faith), and what guarantees eternal rewards is living according to His commands (obedience) - Bailey

13. The opposite of eternal life is perdition, while the opposite of salvation is the world. We are to be saved out of the world. As long as we belong to the world, we are in the state of perdition. - Watchman Nee

14. "In every decision in life there is a short view and a long view. Happy is the man who never barters future good for present pleasure. Happy is the man who sees things, not in the light of the moment, but in the light of eternity." - Barclay Williams

15. In his ministry Jesus intervenes on the side of the oppressed and excluded, assuring them that they share in God's salvation and defending them against others who want to maintain their own superiority at the expense of such people. - Tannehill

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