We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28 It is sheer lack of understand to rush to conclusions that God is unfair and unfaithful when you go through trying times. As a child of God, everything you go through be it good or bad wouldn't have happened to you if God didn't allow it. And if is bad, you cannot question God's sovereignty because He might have allowed it in order to disallow an occurrence that would have made you an abandoned project. However you need to keep in mind that allowing an evil occurrence doesn't mean God is the mastermind behind it. And what is considered evil in the sight of men might just have been arranged by God to bring glory to His name down the road. Hence, you need to BELIEVE IN GOD'S ASSURANCES FOR A TURNAROUND and REJECT EVERY UNGODLY COUNSEL TO SEEK ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION APART FROM GOD, while hoping that the tide will turn and everything questioning God in your life will begin to answer to God's plan for your life. Your reaction in the time of adversity shouldn't be to defect from God's kingdom in pursuit of solution to your challenge but rather to BUILD AND MAINTAIN A CLOSER WALK WITH GOD. The time of adversity is not a time to keep God at arm's length; its rather a time to forge a close bond with God, so you could breakthrough into your miracle. Many have chickened out on God in times of adversity, thinking He doesn't exist or enquiring in their minds that if He exists, "Why go through afflictions?" However, you need to keep in mind that the devil wants you to lose your appetite for God in the time of affliction. So if you give up on God, the devil gets you disconnected from the divine network of God's goodness. Hence, I pray God turn every negative situation in your life into spring of joy and unending favours in Jesus name.


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