Inspiring Quotes on GRACE


1. The church is filled with a worldly spirit of competition and criticism as believers vie with one another to see who is the greatest. We are growing in knowledge, but not in grace - Warren Wiersbe

2. Humility is the only soil in which the graces root - Andrew Murray.

3. God's grace is the reason He is patient with people. His grace is the inspiration for His persistence with people. And His grace is the passion of His power on behalf of people - Dr. Thomas Constable

4. Some preachers in the past tended to emphasize sin so much that one wondered where grace might be found. - Darrell Bock

5. Grace never condones irresponsibility; even those given less are obligated to use and develop what they have - Dr Thomas Constable

6. We must grow in grace. Failure to do so will make us useless in God's hands as His tools in the world, and unfruitful as communicators of His life - Dr. Thomas Constable.

7. It is possible to frustrate the grace of God by having faith without works. Therefore we must apply all diligence. This is the most basic requirement for experiencing effective Christian growth - Dr. Thomas Constable

8. God bestows His grace on different people in different ways. The God's gifts are aspects of God's grace. No Christian can claim that he or she has nothing to offer the church - Dr. Thomas Constable

9. When assaulted by the adversary, we need to remember that we have an adequate source of "courage" in God's grace. Some need courage to evangelize, others need it to do other forms of ministry. - Dr. Thomas Constable

10. When God tries our faith, we need to remember that we have an adequate source of "strength" in God's grace - Dr. Thomas Constable

11. When our faith is trembling, we need to remember that we have an adequate source of "confidence" in God's grace. This is not simply positive thinking, but real external (divine) help. - Dr. Thomas Constable

12. It is a travesty of God's electing grace to suppose that, because he chooses some for salvation, all the others are thereby consigned to perdition. On the contrary, if some are chosen for special blessing, it is in order that others may be blessed through them and with them - Frederick Bruce

13. Grace springs from His God's sovereign will, not from His essential nature. It is not an attribute which must always manifest itself, but a prerogative that may either be exercised or held in abeyance - John Eadie

14. What is grace? It is God's provision for our every need when we need it." - Warren Wiersbe

15. Receiving God's grace "in vain" would mean not allowing it to have its divinely intended result in their lives and making it a ground for continuance in sin - Dr. Thomas Constable

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