Inspiring Quotes for Today


1. Jesus died with a shout of triumph on His lips. . . . He said it like a victor who has won his last engagement with the enemy, like one who has brought a tremendous task to its ultimate conclusion. - William Barclay

2. We will have bad bosses as long as organizations turn a blind eye to managers who crush souls, disengage employees, and ignore the importance of growing talent - John Wiley

3. Never waste the opportunity to learn from a difficult boss - John Wiley

4. Each of us must decide whether we will go through life pretending like Judas; or fighting like Peter; or yielding to God's perfect will, like Jesus - Warren Wiersbe

5. God's grace is the reason He is patient with people. His grace is the inspiration for His persistence with people. And His grace is the passion of His power on behalf of people - Dr. Thomas Constable

6. The real test of love is action, not just profession - Dr. Thomas Constable


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