Oh, don't worry; we wouldn't dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant! – 2 Corinthians 10:12

Making a peer comparison as the yardstick for measuring your success isn't a show of wisdom. Whether you pale in comparison to others or otherwise, such a yardstick is void of reality and prone to error and misconception. Above all, it runs counter to God's perspective of your personality. God has fearfully and wonderfully created you as a credit, an asset and a blessing. Regardless of your present status, any attempt to think highly or little of yourself portrays lack of understanding. People who find themselves above the curve with strings of successes often fall into the temptation of thinking highly of themselves. Blindfolded by their high profile, they assume they have arrived, when God has only given them a taste of His goodness.

On the flip side, those who think the world is crashing down around them are often crestfallen and downbeat. They jump to conclusions that their lives are expressions of disaster and misery. However, the downside of comparing yourself to others is that IT EITHER GIVES YOU A BIG HEAD OR MAKE YOU BOW YOUR HEAD IS MISERY. Therefore, regardless of your present status, choose to be thankful and grateful for the breath you have. Always believe that regardless of your status, things can take a turn for the better for you. And if God were to commercialise the gift of life, no man would be able to show the colour of his money nor pick up the bill in exchange for life. 

Another downside of comparing yourself to others is that it could BLOCK YOUR VISIBILITY OF GOD'S GIFT AND GRACE UPON YOUR LIFE. Intimated by the bogus lifestyle of others, some folks are driven to despise God’s gifting in their lives. This is an error under the sun. This error is heightened by their equation of success to a bogus lifestyle. They wonder how others go on a spending spree; spending money on the spur of the moment. On top of this, they fail to investigate the success secret of the people they admire – whether it is legit, worthy of mention or otherwise.

Hence, instead of giving yourself unnecessary nervous breakdown over the bogus lifestyle or success of others, why not discover and make the most of God’s grace and gift bestowed upon you. In Matthew 25, the recipient of the one talent took a dim view of the talent because it did not carry weight in his sight. He despised the days of small beginning. If he had made the most of the one talent, he could have turned a profit. In the end, he lost the investment to a wise investor who multiplied his talents.

Some people wind up getting BLOTTED OUT OF GOD'S GOOD GRACES before they make a habit of comparing themselves to others. A case in point is Cain. He allowed God’s disrespect of his offering to get a better of him, so much that he killed his brother Abel. This is one of the grimmest consequences of comparing yourself to others. If Cain had done well, his offering could have been accepted. His choice to present an offering worthy of disrespect to God threw him into a rampage. Hence, he transitioned from envy to anger and from anger to becoming the first murderer in the Bible. The Lord God made Cain to understand that his offering fell short of acceptance because he didn’t do well enough. In the end, Cain fell out of favour with God.

Have you considered applying yourself to what God has entrusted in your hands? If you make a habit of performing every task half-heartedly while others are carrying their weight, you shouldn’t expect to reap the extraordinary. Henceforth, cease and desist from comparing yourself to others. Make the most of God’s grace upon your life and God will surely bless and turn the spotlight on your in due season.


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