Anyone aspiring to fulfil purpose in life cannot afford to be categorised as a commentator when others are making history. You need to launch out with the right mindset that would spawn you into action. Cruising in the euphoria of a revelation of greatness wouldn't get you into the class of prime movers of the world if you don't have a grim determination to pursue your dreams. People who are reportedly born great and have track records of sterling accomplishments threw themselves into God's purpose for their lives. Hence, get around to doing the stuffs that get unsuccessful people stuck in indecision. It's unwise to pursue a course of action in life without giving adequate thought to its impact and effect on your future. Some financial, marital and career decisions can get you hitting your head against a brick wall if you are hasty in taking them. Haste really makes waste. Hence, you need to articulate your thoughts and properly brainstorm the course of action you want to settle on, with clear insight and guidance. You would certainly have no cause to kick yourself if you keep an open mind, try out your plans on God and allow Him take the stage. You can't afford to jump off the deep end and gripe your soul with regrets. Just as Abraham had to separate himself from Lot, it will not be out of place if you separate yourself from every deal-breaker in reaching your goal. Whatsoever that cannot work in tandem with actualising your purpose in life is unfit to make the count in your life. Every option to cut corners, compromise your integrity or undermine your well-being can be emotionally draining when things fall apart. Inasmuch as you don't want God's purpose for your life to go to pieces, you must be resolved to hang up on deal breakers that would derail you from reaching your desired destination. If you aren't on course, it's never late to wipe the slate clean and start off on the right track. In any case, don't leave God out of the equation; He can fix what you might think is near impossible.


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