I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron - Isaiah 45:2

Half the time, we are faced with circumstances that require us to take the bitter with the sweet or such that require us to take the rough with the smooth. At times, we are faced with speed bumps that slow us down. This tells us that life isn't an expressway. There are times we get caught up in traffic situations which may not necessarily be orchestrated to undermine our progress, but could be a divine signal to take a chill pill or hit the brakes. However, regardless of the rocky path you might be going through, God is willing to straighten things out for you. Today, you might be caught out of pocket, know that your season of abundance will surely come. Perhaps, you have been living in the eye of the storm, God will surely not leave you high and dry, but would bring a calm to your storm in Jesus name.

To be victorious in life, you cannot afford to allow the frosty and unfriendly circumstances of life to freeze you up and dump you on the sidelines. Though you may actually got off to a good start but get to wonder why you have to square up to hurdles that are undermining your pace. That is why you cannot afford to travel alone in the journey of life. While you may experience turbulence in your journey, you wouldn't sink into despair if God is in your boat. And if you fall at the first hurdle while running towards a goal, know that such a fall isn't a divine license to drop the ball.

There are times when life presents us with events without advance notice. When you bump into an emotionally draining situations which you didn't sign up for, it would most likely hit you like a ton of bricks and spawn you to assess the superintendence and faithfulness of God. However, when things are not looking up and your life seems to be going downhill, be assured you have a sure Anchor who wouldn't allow you to twist in the wind. During such situations, never attempt to cut corners because the road is rough. Allow God to help you complete His process towards giving you an eye-popping turnaround. Joseph didn't cut corners to become a prime minister in Egypt. Before taking up the reins of leadership in Egypt, it was as if he was going round in circles. But when God remembered and visited him, a divine circular to advertise his glory was sent out across the world. I pray that, regardless of the obstacles and roadblocks on your way, God will help you to reach your goal and harvest all your heart desires, as you pin your faith on His word in Jesus name.

Abayomi Aina
Abayomi (ACA, CFE, PGDip Theology) is an inspired prolific writer, instructor and gospel artiste. He is divinely endowed to inspire the world towards purposeful living, leadership spirit, goal pursuit, academic excellence and leading a Christian life.


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