Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. - Proverb 16:3

Napoleon Hill said, “You can’t change where you started, but you can change the direction you are going. It also bears mentioning that starting on the right foot would save you the trouble of retracing your steps. So, before you get off the starting block, RESOLVE TO TURN THE PAGE ON YESTERDAY'S EMOTION BAGGAGE. It isn't in your best interest to allow a prior year's disappointments and failures to come in the way of an opportunity for a new beginning. Hence, be overtaken by a heap of excitement to turn the page while you begin to write the new story you want to live out this year.

Laying the groundwork for a prosperous year requires that you REHEARSE YOUR PLANS WITH GOD. Recounting your plans in God's ears and securing His endorsement inspires courage, hope and confidence. Before David pursued the Amalekites, he inquired of the Lord whether it would be a worthwhile adventure. An adventure in which God is not featured would most likely hit a brick wall. Hence, before you hit the ground running, run your goals with God. Besides rehearsing your plans with God, you need to discover God's programme for your life and RUN WITH IT. God's plan for your life is the divine master plan which is capable of getting you in the spotlight, heightening your fulfilment and ultimately bringing honour to His name.

For God's plan for your life and your goals to see the light of day, you shouldn't make allowance for underminers. Anything or association that is capable of undermining your goal is worth getting rid off. Hence, REMOVE EVERY BLOW-OFF (time wasters) and UNDERMINERS THAT WOULD MAKE YOU FALL SHORT OF YOUR GOALS. When Abraham identified Lot as a barrier to God's agenda for his life, he cut ties with him. This paid off for him in the long run. Hence, hang up on every negative attitude and personality that would detour you from your route to your desired destination. May you reach your goals and experience fulfilment in all your pursuits in 2018, in Jesus name.

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Abayomi Aina
Abayomi (ACA, CFE, PGDip Theology) is an inspired prolific writer, instructor and gospel artiste. He is divinely endowed to inspire the world towards purposeful living, leadership spirit, goal pursuit, academic excellence and leading a Christian life.


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