Then he taught me, and he said to me. Take hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands, and you will live. – Proverbs. 4:4
What resides in your heart determines your height and your ability to soar on high. When your heart becomes the mine of revelation and inspirational truth, your mouth will certainly spring forth with words of wisdom and power to command the supernatural. Those whose hearts are filled with worldliness and filthiness grapple with fear and frustration when they are confronted by the devil. They have nothing to stop the mouths of the lions that roar against them. Unfortunately, they are empty and are lacking in spiritual content to decree and lay claim to the blessings of God for their lives. When the forces of hell arise against them, they lack the divine energy to roar back against them, because they have no divine energy to withstand them.
It goes without saying that enriching your heart makes you a formidable soldier of Christ. When the devil attempts to rock their boat, those whose hearts are steadfast remain unshakable, because their hearts are built up with sound revelation and understanding of their birthright in Christ. If you don’t know the divine ingredients with which your birthright is seasoned, the devil will keep shortchanging of your rightful place in life. He could achieve this by poisoning your heart to make you think that you are a failed project and that your destiny is not high on the agenda of the Lord God.
However, to enrich your heart, you need to fill it up with the word of God. If you are found and declared bankrupt of the word of God, you will certainly have nothing to draw up from your heart, which is expected to be the spiritual bank and repository of the word of God. Another way to enrich your heart is by opening your ears to divine inspirational messages, which could help you to build a strong spiritual base. If your spiritual ears are not sensitive to the leading and direction of God, you are vulnerable to the manipulation of the devil. The devil could make your heart an easy playground to play havoc with your life. But if you will enrich your heart with inspired and life-transforming materials, your heart will of course become a gold mine, through which your life becomes a channel of blessing. As you feast your eyes on the Word of life and open your ears to edifying words, may your heart become a divine repository of blessings for global impact in Jesus name.
Abayomi Aina
Abayomi (ACA, CFE, PGDip Theology) is an inspired prolific writer, instructor and gospel artiste. He is divinely endowed to inspire the world towards purposeful living, leadership spirit, goal pursuit, academic excellence and leading a Christian life.


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