Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it." - Number 13:30

There is nothing so appealing to the ears than when God vouches for your credibility and uniqueness before others. This would most likely earn you a reputation as the voice of reason and a sounding board from whom others could draw insight and guidance. Hence, it speaks volumes when you portray yourself as the voice of reason for a group while shaping their perception to see and think a win situation even when the cloud of doubt and unbelief is looming large. To make a difference as the voice of reason, you could decide to light the fire under a team, that would have loved to hold their breath while allowing the fear of failure to get the best of them.

Caleb is a case in point of a team player who portrayed himself as the voice of reason for the camp of Israel. He was on the 12-man team that was nominated and instructed by Moses to spy the land of the Anakims and return with a report of their findings. While the other ten spies, excluding Joshua, returned to Moses with an alarming report, which inspired fear in the hearts of the Israelites, Caleb shared a different perspective which lifted their spirits towards proceeding against the Anakims. Hence, it bears mentioning that being the voice of reason requires courage and the ability to view intimidating situations from a positive standpoint. It was obvious that Caleb didn't leave God out of the equation when he turned in his version of the report. His report got him a divine approval which moved God to speak well of him before the camp of Israel.

Also, it's a common thread for people that are characterised as the voice of reason to show and lead the way. While others are oblivious of the way ahead, probably because their visibility is impaired, the voice of reason leverages his insight and foresight to chart the course ahead. It was also obvious that Caleb knew that the only way to gravitate towards the Promise Land was by faith in Yahweh. Therefore, he moved in to sidestep the discouragement of the Israelites while inspiring them to take a leap of faith towards reaching their God-ordained destination. You can make a difference in your world by becoming the voice of reason. If you wouldn't allow what discourages others to undermine your courage and confidence, you would certainly increase the odds of lending your voice to inspire others towards reaching their goals. Henceforth, may you become a voice that lends confidence and courage to others in reaching their goals in Jesus name.

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Abayomi Aina
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